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Ostad Nazemi

santour structure

bottom sheet
top sheet
resonating box
tuning peg (Gooshi)
string holder
tuning hammer
bridge (Kharak)


La kook
Sol kook


Pish daramad
Chahar Mezrab
Tasnif 1
Tasnif 2
Tasnif 3

Maysam Mofidi

  Maysam Mofidi was born in 1980 in Sari. He finished his studies in this city and received his diploma in mathematic & physics there. In 1999, he was accepted in Jahad Daneshgahi  University in Yazd to major in computer ; then , in 2003 he managed to get his Bachelor's degree. In his teens, he begun his music in connection playing santour in Mazandaran academic under the supervision of Ostad Gholipur. when he accept in university, he continue playing santour in Hozeh Honari of Yazd under the supervision of  Amir hamzeh Rezaee.
Now he lives in Sari city and by the side of computer work he does artistic activity. it's necessary to say, he is an original person that design this site.

Mahdi Taghipoor

  Mahdi Taghipoor was born in 1972 in Yazd. He finished his studies in this city and received his diploma in graphics there. In 1994, he was accepted in shahid Motahari University in shiraz to major in fine arts ; then , in 2003 he managed to get his Bacherlor's degree from shahid Bahonar University in Isfahan. In his teens , he could enter Rezaee's Santour-making workshop.
Gradually, he improved in the field of Santour-making in such a way that the Ministry of Islamic Guidance and Culture approved of his works, and he was awarded the 'Good' certificated. He is still keeping up his artistic activities. Mr. Taghipoor learned how to play the Santour from his experienced teacher, Mr. Amir Hamzeh Rezaee and learned how to play the Tunbac from Mr.Sharayatee



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