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Iranian Music

     It's famous saying that there are 7Dastgah in modern music of Iran : Mahur , Shoor , Chargah , Homayon ,Segah , Nava and Rast Panjgah .
Dastgah is a song which doesn't resemble to any degree of scale and its intervals. For example , when we say Mahur dastgah , we mean that there are melody keys which include greater scale. There are two songs in any dastgah major song and minor song. both of them are in the first scale but with different notes which starts from a note other than tonic and deals mostly with other notes. minor song is taken from other Dastgah but it must descend to basic Dastgah.
Iranian song are divided into 3part :
. Dastgah
. Naghmeh
. Gusheh
If you suppose song a a country ; Dastgah is its province; Naghmeh , city and Gusheh , house .

meets the requirement of having a right fourth and fifth feet and interval among notes must be the same and  shouldn't resemble to each other and it can have Naghmeh and gusheh . For example , Shur , Mahur and etc .
Naghmeh , as we described it as a city , is one of main member of Dastgah ; although  it isn't possible to specify a special scale for it. The scale changes the mother Dastgah because of shahed note and variable and stop ones . so Dange change which it seems difficult to recognize.
Naghmeh can have many gusheh . Gilaki, kurd bayat, Dobeiti are Naghmeh gusheh of Dashti. Hejaz is a gusheh of Abu ata  and fili and ghatar are gushehs of Bayate turk .

Gusheh is a song which is in 1or 1/5 of a dange and doesn't exceed from many notes and there isn't any change in these notes .
so one can't specify a scale for it and gusheh doesn't have any smaller one. But sometime shahed and stop notes are regarded .

Pedal note
It is a note which voices a lot in Naghmeh and gusheh . In fact , it is axis of a song . If you analyze a tasnif  or a rang , you will see that pedal note voices more another note.



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