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 7 Dastgah

   In this song, The fourth degree of shur in shahed note and the second degree is beginning note and the stopping note. The fifth grade is fixed so there isn't a variable note in Abu ata.  Hejaz gusheh is an inseparable  part in Abu ata and it is Arabic-oriented.

   Bayat Turk
   In this song the beginning and stopping note is below shur tonic and shahed note is the third one of it. some of gusheh in Bayat Turk are Ghatar , Fili , Masnavi ...  .

   Afshari song is an independent dastgah because its foot is different from shur. some of these gushehs are Jamedaran, Bayate Raje, Mouyeh, Shekasteh ...    .

Dashti is a song of shur. because its foot is the same as shur foot and its representation is in shahed note and in variable note and its ending point  unlike other songs of shur, is on shur tonic . So it includes shur Dashti. There is not no need to descent to change from Dashti and its gusheh to ending point. of Dashti gusheh are Giyaki , Gabri , Bayat kord  ... .

   In Mahur it includes small song which are called Gusheh . The songs mentioned in shur are not dealt with here because They are not independent to have Pish daramad , Tasnif , Rang . Some Gusheh , almost independent , are Araq , Rak , Delkash , shekasteh , ....

This one doesn't have song. its Gusheh are Dokhol , Leili-o-majnon , Tarz , Bidad ... .

   The fourth grade of chargah has two black note marks Barsho and two quarters marks of forosho. its Gusheh are kreshmeh , Pish zangoleh , Moyeh saghir , Moyeh kabir , Hazin , Pahlavi etc.

   The performance of chargah is the same as in segah with the same title and procedure and this change lies in its foot. The gusheh of segah are kreshmeh , Moyeh , Zabol , Mokhalef , Hazan and so on .

   There is no an independent foot in Nava but it is the same as foot of shur and Nava shahed note is under representation and gusheh are recognized in terms of song and rhythm . The foot and distance among note are the same as in shur. Gusheh of Nava are Gardaniyeh , Nahoft , Oshagh , Neyshaborak  and so on.

   Rast panjgah
   The right foot of Rast panjgah is the same as mahour . The gusheh of this dastgah are Parvaneh , Rohafza , Sepehr , Oshagh , Nahib and so on.




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